Friday, October 1, 2010

這一天 On This Day

On this day, for those who can see this, Happy Children's Day.

But for those who can't, or in some other less privileged parts of the world, I wish you a better life -- a life without child abuse, a life without neglect, a life without child prostitution, a life without child labour, a life without broken families, a life without bullying, a life without starvation, a life without discrimination by skin colour, gender, social status, sexuality or nationality.

Again, for those who can see this, be thankful. You're fortunate. However, continue to respect others, and be compassionate towards misfortune. Live your values and exercise your own rights at no expense of others. Do not judge. Do not despise. Do not criticise. You have no right to. Just be thankful. Very thankful that you're not in their shoes.